Pretty much anybody who has watched this season of Saturday Night Live will tell you that 21-year-old Pete Davidson has been the unquestioned breakout star. His “resident young person” Weekend Update appearances have been a highlight, as the young comic has quickly become one of the bright spots in an uneven season.

His rise in fame has also shed some light on his personal comedic background, which began at age 16. A New York native, Davidson began as a standup comedian as a means of coping with the death of his father, a New York City Firefighter who died on 9/11.

While this is obviously an important biographical fact about Davidson, it isn’t really something to make light of. Just don’t tell that to @WhatTheFFacts, who somehow thought this was fodder on the same level as “Steven Spielberg produced 'Pinky and the Brain'” and “1 in 5,000 babies are born without an anus opening.”

Davidson’s response was more measured and mature than anybody could have reasonably expected, and it even contained a little bit of humor:

This type of restraint is yet another reason why Davidson is probably headed for stardom.


[via Salon]

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