The duo responsible for two of the greatest cult classic films of all time (and in turn, two of the worst Latin accents of all time) is getting back together. 

Al Pacino and director Brian De Palma are said to be working together again on Retribution, according to Screen Daily. That would mark the first time they've teamed since 1993's Carlito's Way, which came 10 years after their first collaboration on Scarface

Retribution is reportedly the story of "a hitman and a cop who will go to any length to stop a Philadelphia child prostitution ring," and is said to be based on a Belgian film from 2003 titled The Memory Of A Killer

Here's the trailer from that film: 


It looks like Pacino and De Palma have really been trying hard to find a project together. Earlier this year it was reported that Pacino would star in the De Palma directed Happy Valley about the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno, but that project was quietly shut down several months later. 

[Via Screen Daily]