Neil deGrasse Tyson basically knows everything there is to know about science. His show Cosmos will blow your mind basically every single week, and he has been known to offer cutting opinions on creationism even play an unwitting role in one of the funnier Internet jokes of the year.

He also has been known to fact-check space-related movies—skewering last year’s Oscar-nominated Gravity—and last night took to Twitetr to discuss Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Nolan has come under fire by some for not being totally bound by the constraints of known science, but the director told the Daily Beast that “[The science is] all buttoned-up, and Kip [Thorne, astrophysicist and the movie’s science guru] has a book on the science of the film about what’s real, and what’s speculation — because much of it is, of course, speculation.”

DeGrasse Tyson took it even a step further in his Twitter analysis, and was largely complimentary about the theories and ideas the film borrowed:

He discussed the movie further this morning on CBS This Morning, and while he wouldn’t call it “realistic” given the super-advanced usage of worm holes, he did seem to think the science was sound. Basically, he’s a lot smarter than all of us, so if Neil is in, you definitely should be too.


[via Vulture]

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