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A self-avowed huge Dumb and Dumber fan, Jennifer Lawrence filmed a cameo role for the upcoming sequel Dumb and Dumber To. However, according to THR, Lawrence experienced some serious regret and exercised her contractual right to have it cut from the movie.

When you get nominated for an Oscar basically every year, you can pull this kind of stuff. Both Lawrence’s reps and Dumb and Dumber directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly denied the story, but THR is sticking to it.

Honestly, whoever is telling the truth is irrelevant. What matter is that J-Law is not going to be in the movie, and in a weird way this is actually a good thing. Having a huge A-Lister like Lawrence onscreen would be really distracting and would take away from a lot of the original movie’s charm.

At no point during the original film were you watching and saying, “there’s [Actor X] playing [Character Y].” Thanks in no small part to their pre-Dumb and Dumber anonymity, the actors all completely inhabited their characters. With Lawrence, though, you’d almost certainly think “there’s Jennifer Lawrence” the entire time she was onscreen.

This sequel already has a tough hill to climb in convincing people it can be funny. Removing Lawrence from the equation will only help.


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