A probe into security checkpoints at Rikers Island has exposed how easy it is to sneak everything from drugs to liquor into the massive complex. Want to lose that ounce of remaining faith in the New York City Department of Correction? Proceed.

According to the New York Times, the Department of Investigation released a report today exposing how embarrassingly easy it was for an investigator to sneak drugs (and more) into the facility: 

The investigator carried the contraband, valued at over $22,000, through six security checkpoints used by jail employees, hiding the drugs in his cargo pants and holding a water bottle filled with vodka, the Department of Investigation, said in a report released on Thursday.

The specifics make the situation look even worse: 

Last month, the undercover investigator, an employee with the Investigation Department, was able to sneak contraband into all six of the Rikers jails that he tried to enter. The pockets of his cargo pants, according to the report, were bulging with 250 packets of heroin; 24 strips of Suboxone, a pain killer; and half a pound of marijuana.

This SMH-worthy reveal will send the Corrections Department back to the drawing board, tail tucked firmly between its legs. Better luck tomorrow. 

[via New York Times]