One of the big winners of the midterm elections was marijuana, which gained legalization in multiple states just a few weeks ago. And now, even the elderly are getting into the act.

This panel discussion about older women smoking marijuana for the first time—which could be best described as Cheech and Chong meets Golden Girls—quickly turns into a non-stop giggle fest, with one of them laying down the ultimate quote about vaporizers:

“This could be dangerously fun.”

Also, by the end the women are crushing cool ranch Doritos and laughing at everything. The lesson here: marijuana is the great equalizer, turning anyone from a teenage boy to a grandmother into a giggling, junk food-craving, unintelligible mess.

Also, “I was too busy raising children” has to be one of the best all-time putdowns of someone asking why you never smoked weed. When someone gives you that line, all you do is:

[via UPROXX]