A grandmother in New York really doesn’t like her grandson’s father, so much so that she tried to pay a hit man $11,000 to kill him and feed his body to alligators.

Social worker (and criminal mastermind) Melisa Schonfield was arrested on Friday after a Walmart parking lot meeting with an undercover detective posing as a possible hit man candidate, although her daughter continues to insist that “My mom is not a monster.”

She did, at the very least, give this crime a lot of thought. When the undercover cop asked what to do with the body, Schonfield quickly responded that he should “throw it to the alligators.”

Shonfield’s beef with Florida native Ernesto Negrillo stems from the fact that Negrillo has been verbally abusive to Shonfield and the two-year-old son they share. While going through the legal system is a more traditional way to get someone like this out of your life, this is certainly an outside-the-box kind of idea.

[via ABC News]