So, this is super creepy.

A man driving down Interstate 78 late on Saturday night encountered a road block on the highway, and he quickly/smartly realized that there was something way off about the setup:

“Dash cam footage, roadblock in the middle of a highway (78 west before the turnpike) late at night.

no lights or hazards. both lanes blocked off. Suspicious for sure, scary to think what could have happened.”

You’d have to assume this was probably going to be a carjacking, since clearly the guy who set up the road block wasn’t in any serious kind of trouble. He also had an accomplice with him, which makes it even more likely that they were purely out there to steal cars.

In an interview with a New Jersey TV station, the driver (Ivan Tukhtin) said that after he fled the scene he called 911, and the two men at the scene have been found and arrested. Not surprisingly, it appears they were intoxicated at the time, but state police said that they don’t think it was an attempt at a robbery.

Regardless of whether that’s true, horror directors now have an awesome new way to creep out audiences. Expect a fake roadblock to somehow find its way into the next Saw movie.

[via UPROXX]