Comcast is consistently rated one of the most hated companies in America and for good reason. Service outages, spotty hardware, and legendarily bad customer service are but a few of the indictments against the telecom giant.

Not wanting to break their impressive streak of their very special brand of corporate fuckery, Comcast attempted to charge a customer $3,000 in fines. His infraction? Attempting to move outside of Comcast's coverage zone. Adrian Fraim,  resident of Antioch, Tennesse was content with his business class internet from Comcast when he had the audacity to move to another town not covered by Comcast's services. Comcast, behaving like a jilted lover served with a restraining order, decided to charge Fraim $2,789 in cancelation fees because they don't provide service to Fraim's new neighborhood.  Fraim, trapped in a 3-year contract for business service, must have missed the fine print that included a massive early termination fee.  

"I wanted to keep their service," Fraim told local NBC affiliate WSMV. "I feel like I was being punished because they don't offer the service here." 

Comcast, in part to the local news coverage, relented and finally dropped the fees against Fraim.  

[via WSMV]