Air date: January 16, 1994

Martin is selfish and materialistic, and no episode illustrated this better than "Suspicious Minds."

In the midst of bragging about his new $400 CD player, he realizes it's missing. Martin's boss at WZUP, Stan, put the seed in Martin's head that maybe it was his friends that stole his CD player right before he took money out of Martin's wallet. He then goes on a witch hunt to find the culprit. He interviews Tommy, Cole, and Pam as suspects, observing their body language as evidence to help him solve the case.

To conclude the investigation, he arranges an all-black meeting on a stormy night. Flanked by his trusty guard dog, which happens to be stuffed, Martin circles the table while holding the menacing creature back, trying to get it to calm down. Eventually the crew gets aggravated and tries to rat each other out.

In the middle of the finger-pointing, Bruh Man from the fifth flo' drops by to return the CD player he borrowed. He left a note under the bathroom sink because he used up all the toilet paper. Turns out, everything is fine.

While Martin and Gina's relationship is the foundation of the show, Martin's antics and the chemistry of the cast are what carried the series. Their prominence in "Suspicious Minds" is exactly why this episode is so special and memorable. There was always a great deal of improvisation that made the jokes feel organic. During the New Jack City-themed roundtable meeting, it's obvious the rest of the cast weren't ready for Martin's stuffed Rottweiler. 

This episode placed the side characters at the beginning and end of the plot, features running jokes about Gina's hips, Tommy's "job," Pam's weave, Cole's stupidity, and Martin's self-absorption. And more importantly, the last scene offers side-splitting laughs that will have you gasping for air. That's what Martin did best. Angel Diaz