An 8-year-old California girl went out for an innocent night of trick-or-treating last week and returned with a small bag containing meth in the midst of her candy. 

According to NBC Bay Area, the girl was sifting through her Halloween candy with her parents at her Hercules, Calif. home last week when they discovered the bag holding .1 gram of meth. Police told the outlet that the quantity was enough to warrant felony charges. 

"[Her father] had been checking his child's Halloween candy after putting it away on Halloween night, and while checking it found the baggie and suspected it was illegal drugs," Hercules Police Sgt. Ezra Tafesse told NBC Bay area. "He wanted to report it." 

At the moment, police remain uncertain as to whether or not the drugs were intentionally given to the girl, but an investigation into the incident continues. 

[via NBC Bay Area]