Today's "Think Before You Tweet" award goes to Ashton Kutcher. The Two and Half Men star used Twitter this morning to get off some controversial comments about journalism ethics, prompted by the reveal that Uber—which Kutcher's venture capital fund A-Grade Investments has invested in— wanted to investigate the private lives of media figures and journalists who have openly critiqued them. Kutcher defended Uber's shady plan while issuing a disclaimer that his opinions are his own and not the company's. Good call.

Kicking the morning off with a very Jaden-esque "I believe we live in a day w[h]ere the first word has become 'the word'," he went on to slam contemporary journalists' ethics and integrity, concluding with, "So as long as journalist are interested and willing to print half truths as facts... Yes we should question the source." To summarize, Kutcher has basically condoned Uber's breach of personal privacy, because we're all public and shady and, thus, fair game. But, no bias! The countdown to statement retraction begins now. Read his full screed below.


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