When Season 5 ended, the members of ISIS had all spread out and gone rogue after ISIS was disbanded by the U.S. government. In Season 6, they’ll be getting back together under a new name.

Real-world events have caused Archer to ditch the organization’s original name, and conveniently the CIA’s acquisition of the spy agency means that it will be pretty easy for them to simply ignore the ISIS moniker from here on out. It will be decidedly harder, it would seem, for the CIA to rid themselves of the rampant alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, and endless shenanigans of its team.

The trailer itself shows the various team members doing activities both expected (Pam going HAM on a hot dog eating contest, Archer cruising on a speed boat) and surprising (Krieger as a drummer? Hm), but doesn’t actually get into any details of the season. It’s safe to assume that, whatever the actual plot is, it won’t be politically correct in any fashion.

[via The Wrap]