One 90-year-old Florida man faces up to two months in jail, plus a $500 fine, all because he was giving out food to homeless people. You read that right.

Arnold Abbott, the man in question, was arrested, alongside two ministers from the Sanctuary Church, because of a new law (passed last week) that bans people from sharing meals with the public in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

At the time of his arrest, Abbott was giving out meals to homeless people in a park, like he has been doing every week for years. Fortunately he hasn't lost hope in humanity (we can't say the same) as he says he will continue to give out food, even at the risk of being arrested again.

He also plans on suing the city of Fort Lauderdale like he did in ’99 when he was banned from feeding homeless people on the beach. He won that case after it was deemed unconstitutional.

Do better, Florida.


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