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Like the actual Vikings, there's one very notable thing about the show Vikings: the brutal violence. What else would you expect from a show about a group of Norse seafarers who raided and battled constantly for Scandinavia for close to three centuries?

But as this exclusive clip from the special features of the History Channel series' season 2 DVD (out today, Oct. 7, by Fox Home Entertainment) shows, making all that violence look stunning and as real as possible isn't an easy thing to do. There are strategic decisions to be made—like Gustaf Skarsgard deciding to stay true to his character, Floki, by only wielding fisherman tools as weapons—and there are a lot of moving parts constantly colliding together. Literally.

It just makes you appreciate the fierce intensity of the show that much more. Check out the clip above and then dive into more of the Vikings special features by picking up season 2 on Blu-ray or DVD.