What he’s made: It Follows (2015). Following up his critically acclaimed 2010 indie teen drama The Myth of the American Sleepover, Mitchell has a potential horror juggernaut on his hands with what we've already called “an early contender for 2015’s best horror film.” It Follows involves sexually transmitted ghosts, and it's what would happen if somebody hired a young David Lynch to remake John Carpenter's Halloween.

Why he could appeal to studios: Because, like The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb, David Robert Mitchell works wonder with teenage actors. In both The Myth of American Sleepover and It Follows, he pulls naturalistic and entirely convincing performances from actors who in real life, not just fictionally on screen, legitimately younger than 30.

Whenever there's a new Spider-Man-like franchise looking to launch the next Andrew Garfield or Robert Pattinson, Mitchell's name should be at the top of every producer's list.