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Yesterday we rolled our eyes at a Florida mom causing a big fuss about Toys "R" Us selling Breaking Bad action figures. Susan Schrivjer started an online petition to ban the toys because she can't read labels the action figures are a "dangerous deviation from family values" 

Now we're rolling our eyes again because Chrivjer's buzz-killing efforts have been successful. Toys "R" Us announced today it would cave to a straw-grasping mom and send the Breaking Bad action figures on an "indefinite sabbatical."

We're not only mad about the absurdity of this whole story, but also that Toys "R" Us missed a great opportunity to drop a Breaking Bad reference. The company could have said the toys were visiting Belize or that they were gone for "Old Yeller's own sake." 

But no, that would have been too awesome. And today we had our childhood dreams crushed and realized Toys "R" Us is so not awesome. 

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