Before you admonish Jessica Vanessa, the 22-year-old who gave up her job as a teacher's assistant to become a professional twerker (it's a thing!) on Vine, why don't we run some stats by you?

First, Vanessa claims to be earning a six-figure income off of her six-second videos, according to the Daily Mail. Second, she has 1.9 million followers on Vine. And third, apparently a countless amount of advertisers are throwing down stacks to get her to mention their products—presumably before or after she begins twerking—which is actually sort of surprising because 75% of her Vines are just really bad jokes.

But anyways, all you people yelling, "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE STUDENTS!?"—be quiet before Jessica Vanessa slaps you with her wallet (or her ass). This girl's got a car paid in full. You still have student loans.

Also beware: A thirst trap has been set below.

[via Daily Mail]