After almost fifteen years, the Super Troopers sequel is finally happening. Broken Lizard member Steve Lemme said most of the delay was due to raising money for the film and legal issues. They've raised about $27 million, but Lemme said there may be a Kickstarter to help things along.

As he pointed out, fans have been asking for a sequel for years, so we're pretty sure that Kickstarter would meet its goal in no time. Everybody is returning, and everybody will have mustaches.

"Now the guys who didn't grow mustaches for the first one want to have a mustache. We're making them earn it, not sure how we'll haze them, but they better be prepared," he said. Lemme didn't reveal the plot, but he said the script is pretty interesting; Broken Lizard had to figure out how to top the infamous opening scene of the 2001 original.

"I think it's one of the more unique and interesting stories I've seen in awhile. But the movie picks up pretty much where we left off in the first one. It's a few years later. The biggest difficulty was trying to top that opening scene, which so many people have complimented us on. I think we've done it," he said.

Pre-production is scheduled for later this year, with filming beginning in early 2015.

[via Us Weekly]