Richard Ayoade went on Channel 4 news last night to promote his new book 'Ayoade On Ayoade' and ended up deconstructing the media interview process.

Ayoade beautifully twisted his way around every question leveled at him and ended up making an important point about how these interviews work - someone is there to advertise a book/film/album/etc but Krishnan Guru-Murphy can't just advertise their product so they ask dud 'serious' questions. This usually goes by harmlessly, unless someone decides to be difficult - eg. Guru-Murphy's famed Quentin Tarantino interview that included Tarantino saying "I'm shutting your butt down." It shows up "the essential lie of the interview situation," says Ayoade.

If you're interested in the book, Ayoade described it as "a container for jokes, themed around film" which only sounds good in his voice. The cover quote is from the man himself - "Once in every lifetime a man writes a book. This is that book. I am a man."