October brought the beginning of Quentin Tarantino's reign programming Los Angeles' New Beverly Cinema, and it's already clear it'll be a reign with no fucks given. "If you're not worried about packing the house because you can't make your rent, then you can have a lot of fun," Tarantino told LA Weekly. "If people come, fine. If they don't fuck them."

The people who do come will be treated to selections from Tarantino's personal 35-mm film collection. The first month has some obscure showings, which is to be expected from a notorious film nerd. "I'm going for an aesthetic here," he said. "It's about making some cool discoveries. These movies deserve a commercial venue, they deserve a night being projected, they deserve time on the silver screen."

Sounds pretty cool to us. If you're going to go check out the Bev, don't just do it for Pulp Fiction night. 

[via LA Weekly]