Esquire has made their annual selection for “Sexiest Woman Alive,” and it’s a somewhat surprising choice: Penelope Cruz.

The 40-year-old actress earned the honor by having “no physical flaws,” but reading the accompanying article you will learn very little else about the actress. Why? Because she basically won’t talk about anything.

Here are several direct quotes about things Cruz won’t discuss:

  • "She will not discuss the evolution of her relationship with [husband Javier] Bardem"
  • "She declines to talk about her recent motherhood"
  • "And, more surprisingly, she does not want to say too much about the movie she’s just filmed"
  • "Nor does she want to say too much about the movie she’s about to make"
  • “She has asked not to be asked about one of her rare public demonstrations of anticalculus, her controversial signing of an open group letter in the Spanish media condemning the Israeli bombing of Gaza”
  • "She has little more to say."

So…what do you learn about this seemingly fascinating actress who speaks four languages and is the embodiment of physical perfection? Not a whole lot. But the accompanying photo spread kind of speaks for itself.

[via Page Six]