The first two trailers for Horrible Bosses 2 were funny. We'll give them that. But they gave us little in plot details, besides letting us know Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, and Jason Sudeikis would be turning to kidnapping this time around. With this third trailer, however, we know exactly what pushes the trio to crime once more. 

Sick of being subjected to a-hole overlords, the guys invent the "Shower Buddy." Christoph Waltz's character promises to buy 100,000 units, but backs out when he decides to blatantly rip off their product. To recoup their losses, the trio decides to kidnap Waltz's son, played by Chris Pine, who ends up going along with the charade so he can profit, too. 

We saw that the jokes would be solid, but now we're sure the plot should work, too. Check out Horrible Bosses 2 in theatres Nov. 26.