Neil Patrick Harris, along with Tyler Perry, bailed on typecasting and gave a surprising performance in Gone Girl. Instead of playing the unstoppable ladies' man he became a perfect creep as Desi Collings, Amy Dunne's rich, stalker ex-boyfriend from high school. With that performance under his belt NPH will continue his momentum of creepiness in a guest appearance on American Horror StoryTVLine has confirmed NPH will guest star in Freak Show's 11th and 12th episodes

We don't know much about Harris' upcoming appearance, other than the fact that he'll play a chameleon salesman. That's enough to call this another creepy role, because how could a chameleon salesman be anything but? Even Mountain gorillas get the willies from chameleons. 

And if you want to see NPH without your hair standing up, there's still his upcoming Oscars hosting gig and variety show on NBC. 

[via TVLine]