Transformers director Michael Bay is going to direct a movie about the 2012 attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi that killed an American diplomat. 

Yes. The dude who directs those billion-dollar movies about giant space robots beating the shit out of each other is going to take on a movie that is conceivably going to be heavy on the drama and politics. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the script for 13 Hours was adapted from the Mitchell Zukoff book by the guy who wrote the screenplay for The Town and co-created The Strain with Guillermo Del Toro, so good hands as far as that goes. 

Transformers, Age of Extinction made more than a billion dollars globally this summer, and that got terrible reviews, so who's really going to say no to Bay at this point. 

As long as it doesn't delay Bad Boys 3, we're cool. 

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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