Being born without legs is an unfortunate disadvantage, but with modern technology, it's a disadvantage that doesn't have to stop you from being a productive member of society. Of course, you could also be like YouTube prankster Nick Santonastasso and use your condition to scare the sh*t out of people. 

You see, one of the advantages of being born without legs is that you can fool people pretty easily into thinking a deranged chainsaw-wielding maniac chopped your body in half. And that's exactly what Santonastasso and his friends did, hiding in parking garages until the opportune moment when they would re-enact your nightmares, fake intestines and all. This comes on the heels of this month's creepy clown prank in California, and the disturbing haunted house sex toy assault case from Wednesday.

Basically, what we're saying is... we can't wait until Halloween is over.