An Indiana couple was arrested earlier this week after a post-meth smoking argument culminated in them hurling dog feces at each other. 

The Smoking Gun reports that police found 23-year-old Terri Patterson locked outside of the Evansville, Ind. home she shared with Nicholas Schelb, 29. After asking Patterson why she was covered in feces, she explained that she and Schelb had quarreled about laundry. She alleged that during the fight, Schelb picked up dog feces from their floor (don't ask why) and rubbed it on her, then threw it at her. Worse, their youngest child was also caught in the crossfire. 

In observing the squalor that Patterson and Schelb lived in, police made note of broken glass, a broken coffee table, and, obviously, the dog poop. Another disgusting detail was the feces "on the tops and bottoms" of their older son's feet, and "between his toes."

After questioning Schelb, he revealed that a meth binge had kept he and Patterson up all night. He and Patterson both face battery charges, and protective services removed the children from the home. 

[via The Smoking Gun]