A man at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport got dropped like a sack of shit by a group of other passengers after he kicked another passenger in a pink shirt who he called a "faggot."

Video shot in the airport shows the man arguing with and trying to snatch a phone away from the pink-shirted man. When a guy in a cowboy hat steps up and asks why he's so mad, the angry man responds with a homophobic tirade, saying "Queers is what I'm upset about!" before he kicks the guy in the pink shirt. 

That was obviously enough for the other people standing around, who jumped on the guy and slammed him to the ground. The cops show up a few seconds later and handcuff him. 

"You want me to tell you the reason why I did? Because this is America. That's why. The same reason you get to live, to breathe, to walk black. And you know what I'm talking about," the handcuffed man shouts as two black officers arrest him.

Dallas news station WFAA confirmed that the incident took place at the airport, and reports that the man was arrested but his identity was not released.

[Via Gawker]