So, Nespresso machines were a good invention. Most people love need coffee, and they make getting good coffee at home easier, but what we've been lacking in our lives and homes is a solution to the worldwide problem of how to get that beautiful pint of beer without stepping outside.

Don't even think it; pouring your can/bottle into your pint glass and hoping for the best is never a good idea. The bartenders in night clubs make it look easy, but don't get it twisted, they've got it down to an art form through lots of practice, and you'll probably just drown in foam. Thankfully though, the answer to this age-old problem is here, and it's come from critically-acclaimed industrial designer Marc Newson and Heineken.

Dubbed the “Sub,” Newson's creation can be filled with “torpes” (pressurised modules) that can hold up to two litres of your favourite beer, pouring you a glass of the liquid gold with just a pull on the handle. It's not just about beer though, it's also about the experience of drinking beer. This is designed to slot straight into your life and look good while it's there.

The Sub is on sale in silver and black in Italy and France from today, head over to the official website to keep up to date with wider release info.

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