If there were anyone we'd expect to understand how problematic street harassment is it would be the white men at Fox News. So imagine our surprise when we saw this clip of Fox News anchors failing to see why men shouldn't say things like "Hey, look at there! I just saw a thousand dollars" to random women on the street. 

While discussing Hollaback's viral video The Five's Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfield and Bob Beckel said a bunch of really dumb things. Bob starts off by admitting that the woman in the video may not have wanted to have her appearance addressed by strangers. Great start, right? Wrong. He goes on to argue that unwanted attention doesn't constitute harassment. Gutfield goes up to bat next and strikes out by trying to use "science" and an irrelevant comparison to men trying to pick up women in bars. Finally Beckell steps up as the ultimate shithead, offering his own catcall: "Damn, baby, you're a piece of woman!"

So there you have it. Fox News had the opportunity to have an intelligent discussion about street harassment and chose to keep doing Fox News stuff instead. 


[via Uproxx]