Since "15 and over" labels are apparently not good enough for toys, a Florida mother is petiononing for a ban of Breaking Bad toys at Toys R Us. Susan Schrivjer of Ft. Meyers posted a petition under the alias Susan Myers asking for 5,000 signatures in order to remove the Breaking Bad doll collection both in stores and on the company's website. Her reasoning? Well, kids mimic action figures, and do you want your kid selling meth? OF COURSE NOT.

In all seriousness, this is the same argument by people who state that violent games create serial killers, ignoring all other sorts of sociological pressures and influences. Schrivjer's logic seems to fail her when she states, speaking to CNN affiliate WFTX, that she actually thought the show itself was "great" and "riveting." So, it's okay for the show to be aired in her household but Walter White isn't allowed in the playpen? Alright, then.

Toys R Us responded to her petition, basically saying "read the labels, dummy" while expressing they have no intentions to remove the products. In other notable responses, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston had this to say:

Florida Mom isn't as cool a superhero as Florida Man, anyway. 

[via Gawker]