Dean Norris as Hank was one of the most beloved characters on Breaking Bad, so it’s natural that fans would want to see him pop up somewhere in the spinoff Better Call Saul. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like that is going to happen.

In an interview with Screen Crush, Norris expressed some trepidation about the series in general:

“I have very conflicted views on ‘Better Call Saul.’ You know, I’m such a big fan of ‘Breaking Bad.’ So, I thought it was the perfect show and I thought it ended perfectly and to just kind of mess with that in any way, what’s the upside? You have to make another perfect show, you know? I’m going to watch it like a mother watches her kids playing baseball or something, because I want it to be so good and I want it to work and I want it to be great. But I think they’re going to turn that show into something completely different. And, smartly, it’s going to be its own show. And maybe, years down the line, maybe I’ll show up on that show. But, I’m afraid.”

He then talked about how it would be kind of weird to see Hank again, given…you know…

“As an audience member, we said our goodbyes to him. And it might be weird to see him again. I know that sounds corny.

Oh, I agree with you. Maybe a few years down the line, once that show gets established and has its own rhythm, maybe then something comes up. But, it certainly wouldn’t be for a long time. If ever.”

So maybe, like, when Better Call Saul hits Season 11 and Bob Odenkirk needs a young hotshot DEA agent to clash with, we’ll see Hank? Seems farfetched, but let’s dream anyway.


[via UPROXX]