Photographer Jonathan Mannion has built his career around snapping images of the rich and famous. It's probably easier to name artists Mannion hasn't worked with—his portfolio includes profiles of Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Mos Def, The Game, and tons more. Mannion also shoots for brands, creating beautiful editorial images for companies like Reebok and Mountain Dew. And you've probably seen his stuff if you've ever watched America's Next Top Model or this little event called The World Cup.

Mannion's aesthetic is raw, gritty, and edgy, even in his branded work (which often features musicians or athletes to accompany the product). His profiles of celebs like Aaron Paul and Gabrielle Union aren't overly glamorous, and get straight to the point: the point being a rare glimpse of celebrity from a completely scaled down vantage point. 

[via Courvoisier]