There are plenty of ways to have your Halloween ruined: cops, teachers, parents, small boxes of raisins instead of candy in your trick-or-treat haul. 
Well, now you can add being assaulted with a sex toy to that list. An Illinois woman and her 17-year-old daughter are suing the Massacre Haunted House after claiming they were physically and verbally abused by two workers dressed as clowns. The clowns, apparently, used sex toys as cudgels to assault the women. The lawsuit seeks compensation for intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, and negligence on behalf of the Haunted House. According to the family's lawyer, Michael Huseman,
"The conduct of the haunted house and its employees crossed all lines of decency and common sense. Their conduct was outrageous and extreme. My client and her daughter were traumatized by the event. We want this whole thing is resolved quickly."
According to Janito, her daughter and three other minors were approached in the parking lot by two men in clown suits holding sex toys, who began to verbally harass the group. One of the clowns, Robert Keller, jabbed one of the minors with a sex toy while the other clown made lewd comments and simulated sex with the toys. Keller has since been arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct. 
We can only look back fondly on the days before the clown/sex toy wars when the biggest concern on Halloween was avoiding the razor blades quietly nesting in your candy-apples.