It's not quite as blatant as Funny People, but Chris Rock more-or-less plays a version of himself in Top Five. He's Andre Allen, a legendary, rap-loving, crude comedian turned actor. But that's where the similarities end. Rock stays thriving, but Allen threw up a brick historical film and is getting married to a reality TV star, forcing him to deal with the inevitable media circus. 

The trailer provides a few laughs, particularly during Allen's profanity-laced radio drop. Rosario Dawson plays the journalist who Allen will inevitably fall in love with, and Kevin Hart is his agent. Tracy Morgan also makes a cameo, in what he hope doesn't end up being one of his last appearances because of his accident. Jay Z and Kanye West are also involved, but only as producers (as far as we know). 

Look out for a bunch of other appearances from Rock's comedian friends when the self-written-and-directed effort comes out Dec. 5.