What do you do if you’re an ad agency and see a funny sketch online? If you’re Burger King’s agency, you steal it, use it to sell something, and hope nobody finds out.

That can be the only explanation behind the above ad, which is a blatant ripoff of Billy Eichner and his sketch Billy on the Street. A show that has taken off largely due to a devoted internet fanbase, Billy is popular enough that an ad agency should know better than to blatantly steal from it. They didn’t, however, and are now paying the price.

Last night, Eichner sent out the following tweets to his more than 238,000 followers:

The Twitter reaction has been swift and brutal. Burger King’s account is being bombarded with insults from fans, especially as it relates to the gastrointestinal impact their food can make. Even a couple celebrities have rushed to Eichner’s aid:

McDonald’s hasn’t missed their opportunity to respond, either. After all, it’s rare that they can come out looking like the good guys:

This is a Twitter war Burger King is not going to be able to win. Hopefully for their sake, they pull the ad and apologize ASAP. Otherwise, there’s no limit to the number of diarrhea jokes that will be told at their expense.

[via UPROXX]

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