Either Ashton Kutcher really dislikes Charlie Sheen, or Kutcher really likes finding ways to slide Charlie Brown references into everyday conversation.

Kutcher’s appearance on Conan last night to promote the final season of Two and a Half Men invariably turned to the former star of the show, who has said that he’d like to return in a cameo role this season. Rather than simply give a boilerplate “he’s a good actor, but I’m glad to have the role answer,” Ashton decided to go in on Sheen by comparing him with one of the parents on Peanuts.

Honestly, it wasn’t all that funny the first time. It didn’t get any better the second. Or the third.

It will be interesting to see what (if any) response Sheen offers for Kutcher. Considering the guy’s best comedic performance was probably in Dude, Where’s My Car?, he has no shortage of ammunition.

[via UPROXX]