According to a TMZ report, Amanda Bynes has been released from the mental health facility in which she has been involuntarily held over the last week and a half, and was spotted last night walking down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Bynes reportedly met with a hearing officer at the facility yesterday, and the officer determined that the troubled actress was stable enough that she could no longer be held there against her will. She was then allowed to walk out the door, and took to the Sunset Strip looking for some food and a hotel room.

She found her way into a diner, where she reportedly seemed not “with it,” according to a waitress there. Bynes ordered a ton of food, ate while mumbling to herself, then left to go find a hotel room.

No word on what happened that or where she is now, but knowing Bynes there is basically no chance that the story ends here. Indeed, she has also made her return to Twitter following her microchip/molestation meltdown a few weeks ago:

This is surely not the end of this story, so stay tuned.


[via E!]