If you've ever listened to about a minute of The Weeknd, you've probably heard about how if you have enough regular sex it gets so boring that you need to start doing some really extreme—sometimes dark—shit to achieve a release. Well, it turns out a lot of celebrities are more like Abel Tesfaye than you might have expected. Normal king-sized beds won't suffice and plenty of celebrities from Paris Hilton to Will Smith have taken their love-making to the streets. (Though I'm sure Paris Hilton has plenty of sex behind closed doors too.) 

But there are levels to this. Not all public celebrity sex is created equal. Some stars only pushed the envelope in a "middle-aged married couple trying to spice things up" sort of way. Others got surprisingly creative and luxuriously adventurous. Then there are the celebrities who scraped the bottom of the barrel and did unforgivable things just to get it in. It's shameful just discussing those cases...

But we're going to anyway—here are the 25 Weirdest Places Celebrities Have Had Sex, ranked. Let's get weird. 

Andrew Gruttadaro is the Pop Culture news editor. In comparison, his sex life is embarrassingly boring, but he also tweets here sometimes.