Nicknamed the “Donald Trump of the Tropics,” Peréz is the lone Latino immigrant in Forbes’ 400 Wealthiest Americans list, coming in at No. 183. A self-made real estate mogul who helped found The Related Group of Florida with fellow Forbes 400 member Stephen M. Ross, Peréz has nearly doubled his overall worth over the last year to $3 billion by continuing to invest in housing developments.

During the Clinton Administration, Peréz established himself as both an advisor to the President on Cuban policy and a key Democratic Fundraiser. In addition to his prowess in real estate, Peréz is a published author and philanthropist. In 2011, after pledging more than $35 million in cash and artwork, the Miami Art Museum changed its name in Peréz’s honor. Money translates to power and influence, and the highly motivated, tremendously skilled Latinos in the United States have George M. Peréz paving their way to the global marketplace.