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This morning in Venice Beach, Calif., police were called and found a woman up on her roof cowering by a window. They drew their guns, thinking this was the burglar that had been reported to them.

She remained totally still, however, and while at first it wasn’t totally obvious why she wasn’t moving, it soon became apparent:

Asleep when he broke in, #venicebeach woman scrambles to her roof, but doesn't get far from her stalker. LIVE @ 7:30

— KTLA 5 Morning News (@KTLAMorningNews) September 25, 2014

Like something out of a movie, the burglar appeared on the roof, stalking the victim. He vanished pretty quickly, especially once he saw about 10 cops with their guns drawn.

The police were soon able to help the victim down and were able to apprehend the burglar, so at least this story had a happy ending. Still, this rooftop stalking was like something out of a movie.

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