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Admit it: Sitting there at your desk, on a Monday, you've already had at least one fantasy about punching a co-worker. The Esquire Network's White Collar Brawlers takes that bit of daydreaming and turns it into reality, taking 12 pairs of co-workers or former friends, training them at the legendary Gleason's Gym, and then making them face off in the boxing ring.

The first season of the show pitted roommates, Wall Street brokers, and car salesmen against each other, now the upcoming season—which we have an exclusive preview of above—is upping the ante. The Gentlemen of Leisure will be throwing down (with black eyes and all), and in a bit of reality show crossover, guys from TLC's NY Ink will also be going toe-to-toe. 

The nine-to-five grind is never easy. Sometimes you just have to strap on the gloves and punch that stress away. Watch the preview of White Collar Brawlers Season 2 above, then check out the show when it returns to Esquire Network on October 14. (And if you don't yet know where the Esquire Network lands on your dial, here's a handy channel finder.)