Have you ever started a sentence with "Not to be racist but..."?

Just so you know, you definitely said something racist after that. OK?

And you probably need to watch the rest of  these "The More You Know (About Black People)" PSAs that the makers of Dear White People released this week. Oh, and if you're not racist, watch them anyway, because they are hilarious.

The videos are part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming Dear White People movie that comes out Oct. 18 and takes a satirical look at post-racial identity at an Ivy League college after a riot breaks out over a popular "black-themed party" held on campus.

We told you about the first PSA earlier this week titled "Why All Black People Can Sing," but now there are 10 of them, pointing out the ridiculous stereotypes that still prevail. 

Here's a few of the others to get you started.  The rest are available over at the movie's YouTube page





[Via Slate]