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Chris Pratt already owned the summer. Last night, he started his campaign to take over the fall with a solid, if not perfect, hosting debut on Saturday Night Live's season premiere with musical guest Ariana Grande

There were plenty of off-season shakeups, from a new "Weekend Update" anchor, to Nasim Pedrad's departure to the death of announcer Don Pardo, but the show returned mostly strong for its 40th season (we're going to try to forget those two, subpar sketches about the NFL's violence crisis).

Here's are the highlights of what happened on the premiere:

Pratt's monologue

Pratt definitely looked a little nervous at the start of the monologue, and the song was a little lame, but he got some big support (and the biggest laugh) when it was revealed that his real-life wife Anna Farris (who has hosted twice) was in the front row. Did you know they "had sex and a baby popped out?" Now you do. 

He-Man and Lion-O

Hormonal action figures come to life and discover that touching their junk to things feels good. Anyone else think discovering masturbation on live TV as She-Ra could be a breakthrough moment for Ariana Grande?

Weekend Update

Even though the first "Weekend Update" of the season featured the debut of Michael Che at the anchor desk, and the return of Cecily Strong as "That Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party," the only thing anyone is going to remember about this is newcomer Pete Davidson explaining how much (or little) cash is needed to get him to "go down on a guy." He stole the entire episode. Remember, he's a "businessman."

Booty Rap

Aidy Bryant and Pratt meet at a bar and proceed to woo each other with rap lyrics about Bryant's "big fat ass" and Pratt's plan to "smoke crack" with her. You just have to watch this one. 

Marvel Trailer

You knew they weren't going to let Pratt get through the night without some kind of Guardians of the Galaxy parody, but this was well done. 

"My Everything"

Ariana Grande brought out The Weeknd for a duet.