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The Wire is getting ready to return to HBO in full HD for the first time ever, but it seems that this was not the only comeback for the beloved show that David Simon and co. had in mind.

According to former star Dominic West, the idea of a prequel movie had been bandied about by his co-star Wendell Pierce for quite a while. Unfortunately, there was one problem:

“There was constant talk of The Wire movie in the bar for five years, but nothing seemed to come about. I was talking to Wendell Pierce about it more recently because he was the driving force behind the movie idea, and we wanted David Simon to write it, obviously. But David Simon said, ‘It can’t be a sequel, it has to be a prequel. And that’s going to be all right for the black actors, but for the white ones, they don’t look younger than they did 10 years ago.’” West laughed, before adding in jest, “Whitey doesn’t look so good.”

This seems like a radically unfair reason not to make the movie. As long as the production team does their best with the makeup, society can collectively agree to suspend our disbelief about the whole age thing. Because, come on, for more Wire? Totally worth it.


[via UPROXX]