Apparently “G.T.L.” does not stand for “Gym, Taxes, Laundry.”

Jersey Shore veteran Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino and his brother Marc owe the government $8.9 million in unpaid income taxes, and both were indicted this afternoon by a federal grand jury.

Not only did the brothers not pay their taxes, but they also broke the law by filing false tax returns for several of their companies, managing to get themselves caught by leaving a paper trail of contracts indicating they had received only cash payments for several years. The brothers hired accountants to file their tax returns to seem legit, but never told them about all the cash income coming in. The incompetence involved in the execution of this criminal “scheme” truly knows no bounds.

They’re schedule to appear in court later this afternoon. Here is Mike’s only comment so far:

The flaw in that statement, of course, is that the Sorrentinos are not especially young. Legally speaking, there is no chance that you will find that argument applied successfully in relevant case law.

This sure seems like a bad situation.


[via Page Six]