Kim Jong-Il and North Korea are already pissed about Seth Rogen and James Franco's latest movie, and it's not even out yet. To be fair, the plot does involve them trying to assasinate him. Still! The first red-band trailer for The Interview is here, and we can't wait to see the whole movie now.

Franco plays a talk show host, with Rogen as his longtime producer, who scores and interview with the North Korean dictator, who is apparently a fan. Enter Lizzy Caplan as a member of the CIA, which wants the two to assasinate the Supreme Leader since they'll be alone with him. Also: bald Rob Lowe is going to haunt our dreams.

The Interview hits theaters December 25—apparently it's taking so long because Sony reworked some stuff to make Kim Jong-Il less mad. Lame! He promised "merciless retaliation," and we're sure that will definitely still happen.

[via YouTube]