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Somebody likes attention. And hey, it's (almost) Friday, she ain't got no job, and so on. 

Charlo Greene, the reporter who quit her job on the air during a live newscast by saying "Fuck it, I quit" went on Huffpost Live today to talk about her passion for legalizing marijuana, which was why she quit her job to begin with. 

She apparently loves it so much that she couldn't get through the entire interview without sparking a joint during the live webcast. Unless you're really into this lady or legalizing weed in Alaska, just go ahead and skip straight to 7:45 point when she lights up. 

She seems to be doing a good job of holding it together until right at the 9:35 mark, which I believe must be the exact second that the THC reaches her brain, because all of the sudden she sounds like a hybrid of Seth Rogen and Shaggy from Scooby Doo. 

Unfortunately, HuffPo Live won't allow us to embed the video, but you can check it out right here, or at the link directly below.

And if you care to watch the "F-ck it, I quit" video again, here you go: 

[Via HuffPost Live]