In 2001, director Antoine Fuqua teamed up with Denzel Washington for the explosive crime thriller Training Day. In addition to giving Washington his now-eternal "King Kong" quotable, the film brought its director widespread acclaim and its leading man an Oscar.

In light of their first collaboration's enormous success, it's surprising that it's taken nearly 15 years for Washington and Fuqua to work together again. Yet here we are in September 2014, and only now are we getting to see their second effort together: The Equalizer. In the gritty thriller, Washington plays Robert McCall, a retired special-ops soldier with a mysterious past. Content with his now quiet and peaceful life, McCall is unexpectedly thrown back into action when he must save a young girl (Chloe Moretz) from the Russian mafia.

A couple weeks back at the Toronto International Film Festival, our friends at We Got This Covered had the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Washington, Moretz, and Fuqua. The Equalizer's brain-trust discussed why they wanted to make this particular film, how its story is still relevant today (Fuqua's film is an adaptation of the '80s TV series), and what they've each got coming up next.

The Equalizer opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow.