He can scream at you to make you buy Old Spice. He can play a sensitive detective in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And, apparently, Terry Crews can also draw about as well as anybody on planet earth.

Appearing last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the football player-turned-actor revealed not only that his first love was actually drawing and painting, but that he also happens to be quite talented. He landed his very first job in 1987 as a courtroom sketch artist for the worst murder trial in Flint, Mich. history, and kept painting even when he became a pro athlete, selling portraits to his teammates for $5000 a pop.

There’s something nice about learning an actor has actual talent, especially when it’s a huge muscle-head like Crews actually being a very sensitive, thoughtful artist. It’s nice to know he’ll have a fallback career if the acting thing doesn’t work out.

[via UPROXX]